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Project goals

The project aimed to revamp Cynthia's website, enhancing its UX/UI to provide visitors with an engaging platform to explore Cynthia's accomplishments. It focused on refining her personal branding, ensuring it was consistent and impactful. Additionally, our team worked on setting up and organizing sections to prominently showcase Cynthia's media exposure, published books, and other noteworthy achievements. Through these efforts, the goal was to create a polished and professional online presence that truly reflected Cynthia's expertise and contributions.

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    Approaches & Solutions

    In Cynthia's website project, we delved into UX/UI customization using Don Norman’s seven fundamental design principles, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. The website was made responsive, adapting flawlessly to various screen sizes and devices. We set up, developed, and customized the WordPress site to meet Cynthia's unique needs and preferences. Prior to launch, thorough user testing was conducted, guaranteeing that every aspect of the site was user-friendly and optimized for maximum engagement.

      project results

      The website underwent a complete makeover on WordPress, highlighting Cynthia's achievements front and center to enhance the overall user experience and boost her personal branding. With a focus on showcasing her accomplishments, the site's look and feel were revamped, creating a more engaging and visually appealing platform for visitors. The redesign elevated Cynthia's online presence and provided visitors with a seamless browsing experience, making it easier than ever to connect with her story and expertise.

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